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It's a long road we travel just once, in one direction...forward. It wasn't intelligence; success, savvy or smarts that held me back. It was the 100 extra pounds of weight I was carrying with me on my journey. It was the extra 100 pounds of weight that generated how I viewed and felt about myself, draining me of the confidence needed to truly be successful. Internal feelings. Externally I was successful! Being a sous chef for 10 years in my own upscale catering business in the second richest county in the world. I've prepared delicacies for The New York Yankees, The New York Knicks, The White House Press Core, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Phil Collins, and so many more notable clients. I would spend days shopping and preparing them intricate gourmet foods and when done, go to Burger King and get my dinner. 

The road we travel doesn't take us anywhere other than where we want to be and go. It isn't leading us to the fountain of youth…I was getting older, no doubt. Stuck in an awful routine of emotional night time eating peppered with the day time "jolly" fat lady facade. Then it happened. I turned 40. A shock in and of itself. Was I going to remain this matronly woman growing bigger and bigger with every passing year? I decided to take my destiny into my own hands. I put the weight on…I will take it off. I had been carrying it around for so many years. How long could it possibly take to get rid of it? 

I decided to dedicate a year of my life to becoming healthy. I had read all of the diet plans and books. I tried the over the counter appetite suppressants that made me feel like my hair was standing straight up on end. I worked out at gyms with other over weight people, pulling up my pants and stretching out my shirt so the beautiful people who frequented the gym wouldn't see my rolls of fat protruding. I was not in the mind set to be regimented with weighing out portions of foods and keeping lists. I felt I knew what needed to be done. It was time to do what the slogan manufacturers for "Nike" proposed… just do it. 

Within Why Weight you will find tips on how I successfully lost 100 pounds in one year with out any major suffering, workouts or medications. You will read about the mental philosophy that will make you successful this time. I am not a doctor and I do not process any special degrees in the field of weight loss. I was just one in the crowd of overweight Americans. I wanted to feel better and gain control…and I did. 

It took me one year to lose 100 pounds and I have maintained my weight loss for five years, and I intend to be healthy and fit for the rest of my journey. Friends and strangers find it amazing. Friends who were over weight begged for my program, begged for the truth of how I managed to accomplish my weight loss. I freely shared my thoughts…miraculously my philosophy worked for them as well. Those three friends lost a cumulative total of over 300 lbs. All in one year! 

Your weight is a personal thing. We are and were smart, popular, happy achievers even with our weight on. Imagine your inner qualities and personality represented by a brand new (healthy) package! I am here to tell you life is easier when you are in shape and looking and feeling good. It generates through an aura you cast off and others perceive us in a different and more positive way, unfortunate, but true. It is a personal choice. Think about it…as a choice… What do you choose as your personal future? Read on before you decide………..

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* Personal account: 90 lb. weight loss in one year

* No programs, drugs, diet foods, rigorous exercise, starvation, scales
You don't always need professional solutions: some are inside of you

* Mind over matter
Hey, it's me or that Pizza ! 

* Develop an Over-all philosophy
I will do this regime for 2 weeks, 6 months, a year -- until I achieve my goal

* Results ( lifestyle changes, music goals, business, etc...)
You will begin to see results in other areas of your life

* plight of being overweight
So much of the world judges us harshly, tell them to jump in a lake, do it for YOU! 

* how/why this happens to some of us
Heredity, happiness, lack of caring, or just overwhelmed with the task of weight loss!

There's always another chance, and you can do it 

*emotional eating
Identify if you are eating out of loneliness or sadness or stress
*inner reasons for overeating
Seek out the true reasons

*self-defeating attitudes
The world hands us enough of this -- don't deluge yourself with negative thoughts

*most of us are overweight because we eat too much
Come on now, we all know this is true! The thyroid story only goes so far...

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Set New Goals

* Keep your eye on the total lifestyle you want
* Envision yourself the way you want to be and look

* Set yourself up for success
* Going for it! Achievement: Ask yourself daily:

Why someone else and not me?


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Steps that Finally Worked

* Get in touch with your self 

*Discovering your inner reasons for overeating

*Identify where your true unhappiness lies
*Change your inner voices

*use your common sense with food choices & intake

* Exercising Self discipline brings: 
+self esteem
+a new mindset of self reward 
+eating for sustenance & need

*resist telling everyone you are doing this-just show them

* Learn to know a portion 

*Eat like a thin and fit person
choosing the right foods in the right quantities: 
* Water: the elixir to life 
* Vitamin supplements
never too much C
* Read Labels 
* Fat Grams ( daily intake )

* View large amounts of weight to loose in increments

*Realize at some points you will plateau--so stick with it!

* Expensive Spas/Gyms vs. walking & sit-ups, dancin' wit yourself!

It's all just getting yourself to move more than you did the day before!

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* Want fitness more than fatness

 *Family members & other Strangers
May want to keep you fat as they fear change
No one likes changes, they will want you to remain the same

*The temptations and emotions they bring to the table 
Wrapped up in Food!
Beware of the family and friends who will tempt you along the way

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* Menus and food preparation tips from professional chef
* Recipes
* Dining out tips 

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